Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Will I Make It In Time To Decorate for the Fall Season?

I truly cannot decide if I want to decorate our new home for the fall/Halloween season. We have a beautiful front porch that deserves some oddly-shaped pumpkins and colorful mums, maybe even a scarecrow or two. If I do decide to decorate, there will be nothing too scary!

One of our neighbors has a tree with leaves that have already turned a bright red orange and most of the leaves have fallen to the ground. I really want to walk over and take a bunch and mod podge them onto white pumpkins. If they are on the ground, does that make them free or is that stealing since it's on their property? I don't want to make a bad impression on our neighbors...

Here are some of the photos I have come across that inspire me to decorate.

Outdoor pumpkin decor
Martha Stewart
I love the idea of using a pumpkin as a planter and putting fall color plants inside. This idea from Martha Stewart takes it one step further by adding some additional decoration.

Pottery Barn

I love the mixed use of decorations that Pottery Barn displays along side their lighted pumpkins made of sustainable rattan.
Stone Gable Blog
Notice the mini pumpkins above the door in each window! I wish my door was framed that way so I could do this.

Have you decorated for the season? Share your unique porch settings in the comments section below.

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