Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Morning Must Have: L'Oreal Paris BB Cream

First I want to start off by talking about one of my favorite new products... L'Oreal Paris BB Cream!

  • Face - L'Oreal Paris - BB Cream 

  • I started using this cream about a month ago, maybe less, but it has become my must use morning product. I realized the skin on my face had some damage from this past summer mainly due to a lack of SPF (I know, stupid mistake). Before purchasing, I watched a couple of videos and did lots of research to see whether I wanted a BB cream or a CC Cream and which brand. I chose this product because it had the best reviews and exactly what I was looking for. I didn't want a product that would add color to my face, some of the BB creams or CC creams offer that.  This cream is available in four different complexions, I chose fair since I am a pale kid.

    What other creams have you used? Any suggestions, leave a comment :-)

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