Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mix of Fall Activities in York this Weekend

I woke up feeling not so great this morning. I figured as the day progressed I would start to feel better, but after two cups of hot tea I am still craving the warmth of my bed. I am contemplating heading home early and heading to the grocery store to pickup the ingredients so I can start making the Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese that I posted about earlier this week. I hate when I start to get sick because I just want comfort foods like fresh out of the oven home-baked chocolate chip cookies and grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I want to rest because my sister is coming to visit me and we have a lot of plans for the weekend.

Tomorrow night we are heading to the York Little Theatre to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with a big group of people. There's something about RHPS that is so great and beyond weird at the same time. I always get the Time Warp song stuck in my head for days. Fun Fact: When I was in either 7th or 8th grade, my school had a competition week type event that included a lip sync. This wasn't just a get on the stage in front of the people that showed up and barely sing, no, it was a full blown lip sync on the gym floor with the entire school watching in you in your costume and being as silly as possible. Anyway, if you haven't seen the movie and scary movies aren't your thing rent this movie for Halloween.

This is the third year, I believe, for Yorktoberfest. I went the first year with my boyfriend and his family. At that point, we were both really into the wine sampling, so I only got a ticket to sample wine. This year, I am really really into the pumpkin beers and they have a great assortment of local and national breweries. That's where we are headed on Saturday and then of course to watch some sports later on the in the day. Go Notre Dame!

Sunday, I suggested to my ice cream loving sister that we partake in the Turkey Hill Experience, which is a new local attraction located just 20 minutes from Central York. The experience includes making your own ice cream flavor!

I am going to try to capture some of the moments and share with you next week.

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