Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time for a New Makeup Routine

Recently with all the changes in my life, becoming a homeowner and such, I feel like I need to update my look. To start, I've decluttered my wardrobe of tops that I am just never going to wear again. This is actually an ongoing process each morning as I am getting ready for work and debating my outfit choice. I purchased a couple of pairs of heels from DSW, okay maybe five, but it was during their clearance sale and I saved more than I spent.

Mary Kay® Creme LipstickNext on my list is makeup. I posted last week about how I started using a BB Cream. Well I wore lipstick TWICE last week! This is big for me since I am a chap-stick kind of girl. This is the lipstick I have been wearing by Mary Kay called Whipped Berries. It's a great color for the fall. It comes in about twenty other shades.

Besides those two sporatic days, I honestly think I have been using the same makeup palette since high school. EEK! I've always wanted to be a little more bold and daring when it comes to makeup, but I appreciate the natural look.

I've been contemplating heading to MAC to have one of their artists help me out with new colors and to teach me a couple more application methods, but I figured I should start by finding looks I like and trying to replicate them myself. Here is the first look I am going to try. I know it's simple, but I can not line my eyelids, so if I accomplish this then I will be extremely proud of myself.

Kate Bosworth

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